Please… #STFU

littering our shared silence with convenient chatter boxes

filling your soul like your pussy with strangers
can’t fill your heart like Whiskey tumblers
can’t empower your insecurities with diesel fuel

Action speaks louder than wordsshut up
don’t talk me to death
take a breath between marching orders & demands
there are times I like the Chardonnay of whispers
uninterrupted thoughts are rare occasions
blend me the soft jazz of unspoken expressions
or just shut your fucking mouth sometimes

when you were born
I assume your parents
rinsed your body with idle chit chat
put drivel in your baby bottle

were you raised by a talk show host or an auctioneer

not angry,
nothing is wrong
that a wad of duck tape and gorilla glue couldn’t fix
continents of constant conversation
your mouth has its own gravitational pull
in the name of everything magical, truthful and sacred
I implore you to shut the ever fuck up

dead ass…
you annoy the living shit out of everyone
they are just too nice to say

but notice when you start to speaking
how everyone just walks away…