Under Asked Questions?

Have you ever
shot dice
in the school yard?
Have you ever
lost your house keys
at a gang fight?

Ever swallow a cigarette butt
in a warm beer can?
Ever fall asleep in church
and start snoring?

Have you ever put your face
up against a chain link fence
to watch the 4th & 5th graders
play dodge ball with mini basketballs?
Ever thrown rocks at passing cars
from the overpass?
Have you ever ran from the school security
into oncoming traffic
trying to skip out after lunch time?

Ever get caught sneaking back into school
to ride the bus home at the end of the day?
Ever lose your faith in magic?
Have you forgotten how high your aspirations are?

Does your situation ever keep you up at night drinking
arguing with God, and making promises you can’t keep?

Ever swear this all must be some cruel joke?
Been so sure that the devil was standing behind you
you could feel his breath tickle whispers down your spine
but been to scared to turn around and look.

the windows must be closed
or the chill gets into the room sometimes
like memories, and failure, and alcoholism, and fear
Love is far too jealous to spend time arguing with you

where you are going there is only one answer
the right thing is simple because it is the right thing
the future is not the past or we would call it the past

trust me

regardless of how you answer
the screaming inside you
eventually we all get to die…



“if I promised you there would be no tragedy, I lied”
said the moon to the sea shells
drifting past the light house
at sunrise during the hurricane

the universe started with an explosion
you started with an eruption or an erection
or a shot of whiskey and a dance
your mother would never tell you the truth about

everything that happens makes a sound
if you are quiet enough to listen
sometimes that sound is breaking glass,
fire alarms,
and the sound of blood filling your lungs

you are going to weep sometimes

that is just how this thing works
the inevitable is also the eventual
but you don’t have to make a production out of it
if you relax your arms and unknot your fist sometimes
the falling into the arms of God doesn’t hurt so much
wish she could take me to the Museum again, sometimes
wish she could tell me stories about her girlhood

this is impossible
not how any of this work

the sunset won’t slow down for you to admire it
trust me I have asked
take it slow, breath every breath, and curse
tell them exactly how you feel about things
mean every word you say
and love like every cell of your body fed on it.

I am not perfect, we can never be perfect
anyone who tells you different is lying
and should be feared like lions with two sets of teeth

remember the good parts of me
the laughs we shared
the way I smiled the night we drank so much
I fell down the stairs to the basement
be careful
the tragedies will seem like mountains
and they are mountains
but what are mountains to giants
what are tears to rivers

you are supposed to

but let me hug you when it is over
and love you back to life…


Nigga will cheat
for the pussy
Get his ass beat
for the pussy
Work under the table 
for the pussy
act unstable
for the pussy
bootleg cable
for the pussy

spend all his stamps
for the pussy
snitch on the camp
for the pussy
turn over a new leaf
for the pussy
change his belief
for the pussy

ride the town in a stolie
for the pussy
be a parolee
for the pussy

Get goals, borrow clothes, Amber Rose
for some pussy
won’t keep his mouth closed
for the pussy

cry, lie and die
for the pussy
go to prison she give some other guy
all the pussy

better want more
then you some pussy
learn to love someone for you fall
in some pussy
can’t get out, child support
now who’s the pussy
you can eat but can’t wear
you some pussy
better take care
or the pussy
will have you looking bad
for some pussy

surrendering shadows

At night she is loyal
dressed in light, a Goddess

My mistress
we share my passions
she knows my secrets
keeps them
hidden in a locket she wears
when the phases suit her

not her only suitor
but her jealous glances
keep me awake
staring into her eyes
At times her punctuality, ethic, and steely gaze
made lesser men call her masculine
told their children blatant lies
the cow barely made it over the farmer’s barn
the fork & spoon had a huge wedding
the little dog attended didn’t so much as giggle

She tells me I am beautiful
I am too scared to call her a liar
she warned my ancestors
when they would listen
I listen to the push and pull of her gravity
ask her question
only expecting answers

an ancient Witch dressed in only
a bright rainbow of luminescence
makes advances
the liberty of a partner ship
separated by a thin skyline
yet sharing the firmaments canvas
should have seen them
holding each other
fireworks, a diamond ring among the clouds,
the cooler winds in darker spaces
where Mother Earth shivers
while the shoreline arrives to bare witness.


Love is an immovable object
in sea of temporary glances
Shallow waters of fraudulent embraces
We are all stained with broken promises
Scars from open rejection


is a long time
Till death rips you from my arms
Till the sun forgets to rise

Seems distant
But life is a short prelude to the eternity to follow
These rings are just a symbol of our permanent
Diamonds are sandcastles
compared to the destiny in your eyes
We were ment to be together

The Happily ever after takes work
Now comes the hard part
Joined at the thumping parts
of our living muscles
Prepared for anything to come
Holding each other & taking on Forever

Like a long day’s work

Like a summer’s vacation

Like a open book quiz

For you I saved these kisses
These closed eyed,
Unrestrained untamed passionate
Open mouth promises

Profits from the account of my loving

Forever isn’t enough time for me to prove
What is evident in everything I do and undo for you.

We Tied the knot
And hid the diagram

Jumped the broom
And burnt whisks

This union shall go unbroken
This ceremony the epilogue

Of a life spent searching for the other half

Of a FOREVER we will share together

“Know just how I feel” or “twitter middle fingers”

Melting ice sculptures,
Grey strands in dreadlocks,
The tide turning back into Ocean.

Be easy,

That beauty you hold on to fades.
The Karma that created you
watches and remembers
counts collateral damage.
Weighs innocent victims
the same as murder.

Smoke & instagram filters
can’t hold back the water forever.
Water like time accumulates
and fits the forms you put it in.
They won’t remember who you used to be
if who you are is vicious & prowling for victims.

Lose your immaturity
fight for your innocence
for fear fights truth for attention.

Be less afraid & more mature
it can save you.

I will not save you.

Drown in your own devices,
would bore holes in the life raft puncture the life jacket
find out how well you can swim.

home or drown,
I will not save you
if the price of friendship is daggers.

Don’t look for my hand

when the tide finds you
it will find you it finds everyone.

Karma remembers

The small things & the atomic bombs

The same.

The principle is far more important
then you think,
you don’t think
before you
spend the currency of safe spirits
that surrounds you.

but Regret nothing

Be confident

It suits you.

till the overturned masthead
hits you unexpected
with no one there to help you
but the Karma you call out to
trying to tread water till help arrives
You will search your memory
for everyone who ever was kind to you.

I will not save you.
Besides you wouldn’t let me
knowing how deep inside
I wish you would drown.

A Social Media Sermon

in a humble attempt
to convert no one
I wish to make a confession
to the God of no fair warnings
and preemptive first strikes
I gave up on avoiding disaster
love violence, loose women
and giving up
nothing makes me more happy
than dynamite & ending friendships

immature & petty
a badge of honor
“I wish a mother fucker would”
“who do you think you talking to”
and another thousand bullshit sayings
worn like crowns of kings & queens
without a kingdom and even more to lose
who think it is fashion to curse
what they ought forgive
and spit on graves
slap ice cream out of children’s hands
and act like Trump in their personal life
while condemning him
for being everything they are

silly mortals
loose batteries in pacemakers
waiting to die just the way they
came into this world
immature & crying about nothing.