NFL Postseason Haiku, “Dez Bryant”


Dez Bryant face



maintain possession

all the way to the ground, duh!

You know the rules!


“for the girl who hates my laugh and told me I was too loud at the set last night”

these words are for the living
we are impolite


shouting at the top of our lungs
because sometimes God
forgets the rain when the ground is silent

we drink far too much

standing when we should be seated
speaking out of turn
steps away from kicking the chair away from the noose

no breaks and the handle bars are wobbly
they only pretend to know what is polite
when it is safe to stand at a distance and clap on cue
for us this is all we can do from giving in

for some this is therapy

the only answers that make sense must be shouted
“give me more screaming”
he told the hour glass of blood
time bomb of impenitent ending bellowing in his chest

God forbid that my lungs not be tightly wound alarm clocks
that ring only after the plane has crashed into the side of the life lesson

please want for me this release

let go with me

like the night won’t know morning

let them die silent

for me there will be laughter
at my death bed
let the women all be naked
all the men drunk
preside over my cadaver with a bass drum

guns firing

let there be shouting
for my life is has been a stalled vehicle
on the tracks of an oncoming throat slashing

God forbid

I don’t make as much calamity
as there has been disaster
forgive me my flailing arms & outbursts

I am carnival at both ends

dynamite wick lantern light
between bursts of combat,
crying and combustible self inflicted catastrophe

on my grave stone
a granite reminder
let them carve,

“Here lies a man, too loud for polite council

who spoke out of turn

an axe handle paint brush

who in spite of adversity the size of his own failings

found the faith to try to inspire,

the love to hug those whom others would shun

and just enough magic to dream”

Should we stay together?

between heaven and hell there is a dividing line
a river runs slow between them
the demons and angels
look almost identical in the dark

My church clothes are filthyBlood lust poem
my heart is a dingy bar rag
if you would look close enough
you would notice
I am a zombie
a dead man walking
looking for something to devour
to fill this hunger inside me
my up is down
my right has left me
driving myself crazy
searching for the write words to write
to draw you close enough
to put my teeth into the soft flesh
of your cracked skull

You should RUN for help

this LOVE we share is dangerous
it may be salvation or damnation
I am just not sure which…