have committed myself
to a new profession
ship building
adept at the practice of sinking
boring holes
into the framework of vessels
cap sizing & igniting masts ablaze
an arsonist at sea

a faineant caretaker
unwaxed the hull rots
filthy bilges
seacocks frozen shut
have left many a ship idle
till it is unworthy of the sea




docked, afloat sinking, or rendered enkindled

this new vocation is a novelty
lacking skill
far from a craftsman
but have committed my attention
toward becoming a shipwright

for out on the ocean
it is lonely
after awhile your arms tire
without a ship
to sail your way home…


“here I come to save the day?”

the frost needs heroes
the cold world needs saving
in our fantasy
heroes are timely
capes, tights & they save everyonesuperheroes

the world needs saving

a supernatural activist
with a definitive virtue
an unequivocal righteousness
and the power to enforce it
without question or ambiguity

the world needs super villains
costumed evil
with henchmen in matching outfits
handlebar mustaches
who monologue
their evil plans & plant clues
for our heroes to capture them

straight forward
wood blocks
a pastel universe

because lately
it is hard to distinguish
good guys from bad guys
they sound the same
on the evening news, lately,
exactly the same…

“deleterious comradeship” or “she give me the blues”

her words are razor sharp knives
my thin skin and will
long scalpel gashes
that bleed the deep crimson milk
below superficial slits
deep subcutaneous slashes
closer to the marrow
scraping muscle and sinew
she works kosher rock salt & dirthurtful
into the open wounds

my love for her
cigarette burns
tampered into my heartbeats

loving her
a crescent wrench to the temple
a car wreck
forehead flying through windshield
spitting out teeth
barely breathing from the wreckage

this love
the indignity of thrown bricks
through pride
self esteem
suicide at the end of her sentences
& blasting powder everywhere…

“malefactor: a versifier’s epilogue”

her exit was a compromise
she was a disaster area
an hourglass set for the wrong time
she was an untied bra strap
her lies
a blinking alarm clock stopwatch
theoretical physics to a third grader
see was calculated penmanship
always running
all exit signs
she made everything around her tremble
I loved her
to never want to see her again…

“4.30.14, 13 hundred hours, Amtrak station….”

Between the margins of this life I am searching for God

Faith is stranger than fiction, so I argue with God.

at least we are speaking some are lost in the woods

without dignity or grace feeling misunderstood.Amtrak

Believe me, Sweetie,
as sure as the sky
one thing to never question
we all gonna die.

Feeling lonely ain’t never added a day

“Don’t Panic Be Awesome”…
what more can I say?

“Delores’s child”

the streets are my bedroom
my roof the sky
learned the game of shelter
hide and seek
all day in the library
make the shelter before 8pm
being transparent
bus stops the edges between buildings
know where the bathrooms are public
where the kind hearted shopkeepers shop
where you can sleep
where you shouldn’t

a group of kids called me a bum
threw rocks at me
called me a bum
My name is Gearld
and with weaponized words
a game of hurt the helpless
class action warfare
though the rocks flew wide
they reduced the miracle
of my birth into a mistake
my misfortune into my identity
I am Delores’s Child
at 12 I won a spelling bee
at 19 I graduated took Kenisha to the prom
her gorgeous dress
my palpitating heart
it was magic
Worked, prayed, then after Delores left me
my orphaned child started drinking
my girlfriend left me
my termination
the escort from the building
the eviction from my home
it been months now years
but I never stopped being Gerald
Delores’s only child

“I ain’t no got damn bum”
just trying to survive invisible between the margins
playing hide & seek
with the sky…