“A former field hand’s prayer”

First giving honor to the Ancestors, who were lynched, shot defenseless, forced to toil, raped, slit open, ground into dirt, who will never have a¬†gravestone¬†or a name in the “common room”…

Dear God
burn this rotten motherfucker to the ground
they treat us like cattle, still
herd us into cages, kill
us in broad daylight
cuffed back in shackles, will
your mercy ever find our skin
searching for the will to win
in this land that we are captured in
of greedy men lost deep in sin
we pretend
broken backed
still shuffling
through the ghetto’s
prison cells
they stuck us in

We implore you Lord
like Nat Turner did
Like Huey, Vesey, & Garvey too
shoot straight
let the end of the blade be sharp
enough to puncture breast bones into their heart
we marched and begged for far too long
sung freedom loudly they ignored the song
your mercy they do not know
do not care or do not show

for freedom never truly knew
our pigmented flesh of darkest hue
be lava, be locust, be lariat
let them know you don’t forget
the rape and pillaging that they’ve done
underneath the restless sun

your vengeance we do beesch
rivers of blood to fill the breach
between justice and their propagandizing greed and hate
let the extinction they planned for us be their fate
for your Son’s return we pray and wait
but if he must procrastinate
we beg you to retaliate
& demonstrate how your favor operates

they think their money can protect their dirty souls
that words of contrition can hide their goals
though it is clear for all to see
their plans for folks that look like me
the bullet not the ballot
the gavel or the grave
in the land of contempt and home of the slave

in the name of Moses, of Che Guevara
of Nelson Mandela, of revolutionaries
turned terrorists everywhere
throughout the uncounted years
of Medgar Evers, Oscar Grant, Trayvon Martin,
4 little girls, the Mother Emanuelle 9 and all innocent victims Mother’s tears
we pray…