Love is an immovable object
in sea of temporary glances
Shallow waters of fraudulent embraces
We are all stained with broken promises
Scars from open rejection


is a long time
Till death rips you from my arms
Till the sun forgets to rise

Seems distant
But life is a short prelude to the eternity to follow
These rings are just a symbol of our permanent
Diamonds are sandcastles
compared to the destiny in your eyes
We were ment to be together

The Happily ever after takes work
Now comes the hard part
Joined at the thumping parts
of our living muscles
Prepared for anything to come
Holding each other & taking on Forever

Like a long day’s work

Like a summer’s vacation

Like a open book quiz

For you I saved these kisses
These closed eyed,
Unrestrained untamed passionate
Open mouth promises

Profits from the account of my loving

Forever isn’t enough time for me to prove
What is evident in everything I do and undo for you.

We Tied the knot
And hid the diagram

Jumped the broom
And burnt whisks

This union shall go unbroken
This ceremony the epilogue

Of a life spent searching for the other half

Of a FOREVER we will share together