“Know just how I feel” or “twitter middle fingers”

Melting ice sculptures,
Grey strands in dreadlocks,
The tide turning back into Ocean.

Be easy,

That beauty you hold on to fades.
The Karma that created you
watches and remembers
counts collateral damage.
Weighs innocent victims
the same as murder.

Smoke & instagram filters
can’t hold back the water forever.
Water like time accumulates
and fits the forms you put it in.
They won’t remember who you used to be
if who you are is vicious & prowling for victims.

Lose your immaturity
fight for your innocence
for fear fights truth for attention.

Be less afraid & more mature
it can save you.

I will not save you.

Drown in your own devices,
would bore holes in the life raft puncture the life jacket
find out how well you can swim.

home or drown,
I will not save you
if the price of friendship is daggers.

Don’t look for my hand

when the tide finds you
it will find you it finds everyone.

Karma remembers

The small things & the atomic bombs

The same.

The principle is far more important
then you think,
you don’t think
before you
spend the currency of safe spirits
that surrounds you.

but Regret nothing

Be confident

It suits you.

till the overturned masthead
hits you unexpected
with no one there to help you
but the Karma you call out to
trying to tread water till help arrives
You will search your memory
for everyone who ever was kind to you.

I will not save you.
Besides you wouldn’t let me
knowing how deep inside
I wish you would drown.