Gabby’s Compact or Olympic Make-Up bags

the quadriceps contract
lightning flashes as gravity submits
glittering mesmerizing flases of limelight
feet together hands above our heads
perfection in balancing acts
somewhere in the sacrifice of regiment
she forgot how shallow the looking glass
makes the demons with bright eyes
who think vanity is legal tender

before the auction block or the crucifixion of the innocent
they first straighten your crown
Cesar buried at the foot of Pompey
presentable for your new master
though you can’t live in sandcastles
the realtor will try to sell you on location

don’t believe them
when they tell you about things
they know nothing of
like scientist who explain away God
with the Laws of nature

they will never understand their foolishness
do not submit to it
you were always perfect
no matter how much practice it took to get there
don’t let the castanets
drown out the anthem

they will always find something
to make you human again
false idols of demigods statues
lesser elements can’t lecture bricks of Gold
you are living out your dreams
stay awake
enjoy every moment
don’t ever let the devil have your joy