“I like you, liking me like you”

if good pussy were good penmanship
i’d pray over the mailbox
that inside would be a handwritten post card from you
if neck kisses were breakfast pancakes and syrup
you would have to get a gym membership
to keep from getting obese & reduce the risk of diabetes
if love is truly the answer
we should go on Jeopardy
get filthy rich and move away together.
because I love you
like fat asses love couches
we belong together
like Spongebob and Patrick
like hot sauce and fried chicken
like Trump supporters and swastikas
you are everything to me
trembling fingers and pulsating
wide open
Netflix and chill spaces
you make it hard
to say what I mean when I mean what I say
because sometimes I say things that I don’t mean
but I mean to tell you everything
take it easy or get it rough
bent and hair pulling
whichever you prefer
whenever you need it
I need you like
octagons need acute angles
you look cute in that dress
with no make up
we should make love
to slow jams between bed sheets
like sheet music you set my key
unlock the door to your heart strings
and I will play with your g chord
make you music
to dance to then lay there beside you
till we both fall asleep…


“when you have the time…”

the lapel of your power dress
the polite curtsy of your professional
speaking voice
the university training
working independent womanhood
upright posture
your confident demur
a affectation of authority
you are everything
you worked and dreamed to be

I am proud of your excellence
humbled by your dedication
you are regal
a champagne flute filled with bubbles
a Mimosa mixed perfect
after the chores and schedule are attended
when you slip out of your practiced command
pour me out your intoxicating deliciousness
will be for revelry
for inebriation
loosed inhibitions and desire
let me attend to your welcoming

close your eyes

calm your organized mind
be reckless, be devoured
be impetuous
underneath the candle light alter

tender nibbles
on soft neck
rose petal fingertips
against exposed skin
on the sheet music of your thighs
let me compose for you a concerto
strings, timpani, a clarinet
lips against the reed of your instrument
a steady stream of air
pursed lips
making music
from you,
into you,
between us
the key stroke on a grand piano
moans and panting
a aria of satisfied cravings
the bandstand of lien and worship
laid out in your honor

the dissolving of all pretense
the growl and fire of joining,
of surrender
rising to the moment
like rain wetting the walls with passion

in this moment
we are children stuffing our face
with Chico sticks, Tollhouse cookies and sugary sweet confection
no time for meetings, for quarterly reports, for planswhen you have the time
this is a improvisation of craving made manifest

a thank you for all that you do
a sacrifice to the goddess on her throne
I am an acolyte, a attendant, a butler

“would the lady like another?”

I will go in the cellar and open another bottle
tonight we are going to empty the cask
drink till we pass out

you have built a castle
a kingdom from your dominion
of marble and stone
constructed a life with calculated precision
when less industrious mice
played and wasted
you kept your eyes on the prize
a proud powerful Queen
your monarchy as solid
as the dresser, nightstand, lamp and bed sheets
as real as the Goosebumps
rising up along your spine
for all you have assembled
prepared and worked to make real
tonight, is for celebration
for refueling your engines
for letting go

tomorrow when you are at your desk
when your office door is closed
remember who loves you
who needs you
who believes in you
draw strength from this moment
from this release
and the knowledge another night waits for you
when you have the time…