“what if I told you”

what if I told you

Fuck Christmas

told you Trump was still President
and that nearly every one
worth knowing
was dead

what if I told you

Fuck Magic
and the glowing eyes of an exuberant child.

what if I told you
it was not okay to laugh
full throttle
in spite of your eventual casket
wasn’t okay to every forgive anyone
anger lasted forever
and God was in the business of smiting the foolish.

would you believe me?

would you pour another cocktail, light another cigarette
write another poem
or just cry yourself to sleep.

what if I told you
there were no easy answers
in the back of the book
that God never finished writing the bible
because God never started writing it
to begin with.

what if I told you
you would never make millions
love would probably never find you
told you that you will die alone & shivering
because no one ever came to visit
told you all of the arguments that seem
so important to you, right now
would mean nothing in 100 years

what if I told you
the winning lottery numbers
then punctured your tires
before you could go buy a ticket
told you I love you
looking you right in the face
told you emphatically how much
you mean everything to me
and still fucked who ever the fuck
I wanted to.

would you believe me?
Or would you take screen shots
of broken promises, write angry blog posts,
tell all our mutual friends how I hurt you
and cry yourself to sleep.

what if I told you
that despite how bad things
seem sometimes
the planet still rotates the Sun
believing may seem futile
but is the only way
anything worth doing gets done
and there is seldom any use in weeping
till sleeping because when you wake
if you wake
the same tears are waiting
with the same problems
to bring you more tears

I am telling you
please believe me

being alive is better
than being dead
breathing is opportunity
so live life to the fullest
you won’t get out alive…