“sympathomimetic transcendence”

escape the confines of these walls
imagine with me
take off everything
arms above your head
waving at the star light
sides convulsing
soul cleansing laughter
let go
to the rules of organization
the demands of responsibility
the panic of promises
waiting to disappoint you
just once fly
spread your wings
sore above it all
see the children playinglift off
like tomorrow won’t come
tonight is all that matters
be perfect
if that is what your heart desires
the illusion that any of us is unbroken
be foolish
if that’s what it takes to let go


Let’s go where everything is
get so close to God
we can run
our fingers through
her beard
listen for the echoes
hold hands with our shadows
believe in each other
like we aren’t all leaving
trying to make our exit gracefully
pretend like you won’t die
like your failing bones
will be mountains
when they grow out this skin
that keeps us tied to the gravity
that keeps us
from flying


everyone needs to at least once…


“without a doubt”

You are dying
this fact often masquerades as philosophy
the sun is ancient a lamp light burning
tethering large spinning rocks
to the weight of its gravityWithout a doubt

Scientist say

one day it will vanish
burn out
then die
more than likely you will be long dead
when this occurs
this life is a minor burden
a infinitesimal twinkle
pale under the daylight’s shadow.