like Poet Tree used to say…

You no good raggedy simple minded motherfucker

Sometimes you have to call a spade a spade
Slit masters throat during the inauguration
in front of the news cameras
take your noose with a smile
We ain’t never been niggas
but you niggers
won’t listen to good sense
unless I tell you exactly how it is
No hyperbole
Write it down bloody & tattered at the edges
so when you taste the vinegar
your involuntary gag reflex warns
the pits of your stomach
Here comes the truth
No sugar
No warmth
just the unvarnished
Pummeling of broken bone fragments

Bitch you must be out your gotdamn mind

because sometimes these bitches talk
like they pussy made of sunshine
ain’t had a pap smear in 6 summers
but swear she know the combination
to the bank vault

He swore in plain language
You cowards too afraid of who might be offended
but if I said something that hurt your feelings
Good that is exactly what that shit was ment for

Cock sucking, ass biting, shit stain of a bastard child

You think this bullshit is reckless
Fooled yourself into thinking
because you can articulate your incivility
it makes your lack of principles less injurious

Well, fuck you and your momma for having you

You scared to say what you mean
when you mean what you say
change energies
for the Pastor or the Principal

All bowing and curtsy when it’s convenient
Knowing that your belly is bloated churning
Under “yes, sir & “no, Ma’am”
Fuck that
gonna say something
loud like Poet Tree used to
So you can hear him
from inside the back of the cruiser
you lying shape shifting sons of bitches
keep fucking playing with my emotions
and the bullshit stops
Right the fuck now…


I know because
I been there
underneath the stop signs
talking crazy & over drunk
Fucked up,
slipped and lost years
to demons
You punk ass niggas
wouldn’t know
A fist fight from a alter call
Silly ass niggaz

You better listen while I tell you
I am trying to save you from the flames
Your tiny hands would just surrender
And ain’t no giving up or time outs
In these streets


Poet Tree…


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