“fair warnings”

the rivers full of snakes, they said
would be advised to stay out the water.
God protects
babies and fools
so often I already know the out come.

Out come the devil
to defeat and destroy
you niggaz
I’m gonna tell
you niggaz
Prison sells
you niggaz
would be better to murder
than to put him in the hands of the enemy

the inner me
has a better plan
demand God
intervene, intercede and enter me
change my perspective
give me wisdom & discernment
because God knows the system
hates you smarty art niggaz
speech proper, upright, strong
like Dr.Huey,
Like Fred from Chicago,
like A. Philip Randolph in Harlem supporting Garvey

hardly see anyone together
till funeral processions
or Saturday Night
sweat, liquor, and unprotected sex
you niggaz
kill me and you kill yourselves
never noticing
we are the same niggaz

you niggaz vs us niggaz
leaves us all inferior
but they warned me
about the snakes in the water
but let me warn you
they are on your timeline too…


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