a freebirds gentility…

fb_img_1457308992562.jpgSunny Chicago
Lake Front Skyline
tea party Princess


Your sweet tea sugar cheek smiles
lemon drop cake batter thighs
caramel delight coconut hips

open doors for a lady
never sit when she is standing
defined, refined, a grown woman
your polished crown demands respect
told these silly turkeys
to return to their residence
not often allowed in Queen’s Court
best you learn
the bow & curtsey
of polite conversation
before Frances turns Freebird
L Train, 1992 gum popping,
unapologetic checkmate
the Queen roams the board freely
the wrong move will get you cornered

Salute You in your God Body
sure God probably looks like you
looks right through
all the pride & pretension
see our inner most hiding places
among the ship wrecks
& wry smiling faces
this time to the next Timex
turns swiftly into shadows

we have lost more poets
than sea shells
on Lake Front beaches
keep our secrets
tell our stories
when we are at a loss for words

4 words


Our sister, Our daughter,
his pride, my friend…


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