April 12th at 5:10pm

The headline reads: Milwaukee Motorist, Teen Shot, Killed After Van Hits Child

what do you do when the demons
where your same skin
when the uniform of your assailant
is the same sneakers your brother laces
this land knows little mercy
vengeance is the rule
contrition is not absolution and
the good are plucked like snap peas
regardless of their pleas for mercy

there is no mercy here

what should have happened
what could have happened
and what might be
are funeral dirges

the truth is
we are alone here in the jungle
among the vicious, the gnawing,
the runners and the dead

when babies
innocent as sunrise
are stolen
who weeps for unknown greatness
or do we just blame their mother reckless

when men are target practice
when there is not one moment
to consider
anything but the moment
aren’t we all just doomed to die

call me
when the sun returns
when the love is more important than the blaming
and when emotional condemnations
are tempered with some solemnity

so much blood here
so much death here
so many mothers waiting
for son’s who will not answer

kinda makes you want to cry…


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