a gift for you…

this is skin
a offering I give to you freely
these are bones
they are lightly used and crumbling
but if you will have them they are yours
these are hands
use them as you desire
they have secrets inside them
they want to tell you
these are lips
they tremble sometimes
they whisper
they are mostly used to hide my smile
and are waiting for your ears
to make music for you
though they do not know singing
these are eyes
they have been places
and seen things
that water the soil of the cheeks below them
they pray you can forgive me for my imperfection
they only want to see you dance, sing, and be happy
these are ears
they wait for you
they listen
for the sweet surrender
that is following you
into the darkness

All I have to give you is all I have.
It may not be much but it is all I have
you are welcome to it

this man

my Mother’s child, my Father’s son
just a man
trying to be somethings
wanting to be your everything
offering you my all…


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