Driving under the influence (DUI)

on the lavatory stall of the local bar
in permanent black marker
it is written:

she left me,
drunk and unsure
there is no happy ending
God is a beggar
with agents who keep
asking me for pocket change
the bartender looks like Jason Voorhees
where are my car keys
I shouldn’t be driving

want someone to take me home

take me home

I want to go home
I can’t remember where home is

I am 40 years old
and life is so twisted and burning
that I wouldn’t know my living room
from a airport runway
I am a run-away from a home I can’t remember
I shouldn’t be driving and drinking

Maybe she will let me have sex tonight
Amy will let me have sex with her tonight
if I can stay up long enough to make it home with her…

my girlfriend isn’t coming back & I am not done drinking
Amy says I am handsome
Amy, you slut
I am not handsome
you are drunk
she says she stays downtown
we are leaving soon
I shouldn’t be driving or leaving soon
don’t care anymore, who cares anymore
the guy pissing looks like Jason Voorhees
or Darius Rucker
not sure…I shouldn’t be driving…shouldn’t be fucking Amy

shouldn’t be
shouldn’t be
shouldn’t be


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