“seating arrangements”

in memoriam of Mike Brown a 18 year old from Ferguson, MO.  murdered by police
to his mother Lesley McSpadden

Hard the heart of force fed
encampments of darkness
the night sky conspires

the first rock the protesters threw
hit home
the tear gas canister tossed
over head
thrown back

gun shots

freedom hasn’t know these shores
in so long
the slow song
makes more sense
than the dance music

his mother’s bloodseating arrangements
thick in her veins
Men in suits
come to her door
begging her forgiveness
lying to her lost eyes
searching the entrance
for her boy’s arrival

“he won’t be back, Mother
they kept him
filled him with holes
you can bury him
now they are finished
Men in different suits
subdued him with bullets
took him
into the custody of angels
he won’t be home for dinner
ever again”
no need to set a place
for him
at your table
more important Men
who work for more important Men
will be sitting in his chair
they said the neighbor boys
are marching and looting
no need to set them a place either, Mother
they are busy
collecting names, and cadences
Jessie arrived yesterday, Mother
they said they didn’t need him
sent him home
no need to take out a plate for him
though he said he had been with you
all day
I doubt if you would have noticed
waiting on your son
he said he would help
they all lie
you must have figured this out by now, Mother

take solace

if there is any in this time
a place is being set for you
at a different table
the servers pour the best wines and the feast last forever
your son will be there waiting,
I am sure he will save you a seat.


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