“stairs, lobby & then out into the night”

but I love you
he says
his yellowed smile jaundiced eyes
the crimson hue of his dehydrated skin
unexplained night time adventures & cheating
his heavy voice lightening
almost begging, pleading

“Man over board!”

he repeats his surrender louder than before

can’t you see that.”

he smells of whiskey,
“bath and body works” mixed with bold faced lies
shirt inside out
swaying on the linoleum
like each word propels him forward
into the next
her eyes are ice chests
muzzle flashes
and less pity than
the 4 times this had
been the occasion
before this

fire, shredded love notes
with all the clichés you would expect
from a man who never got to be a man
ignored the changing leaves
left home but never finished anything
that he started and stopped
he stopped caring about his appearance
about anything
that you couldn’t pour over ice cubes
or stuff into a cat suit
twerk to market

“these hoes ain’t loyal”
but who was looking for hoes
this late after the changing of the guard
and relocation to addresses of strangers

he was a mess
this was a mess
she had a solution
it was neatly packed in boxes
marked with his government name
sitting on the steps
waiting for him to go
it was time
he knew it
still in his pleading tone,

“I am sorry”

she nodded
no words
for what seemed like switch blades
gashing the infection from his heart attack
handle on the world
he had already alienated

this was his last advocate resigning

to punctuate her exodus
she said slowly
in a dry moaning tone
a song that would play in his subconscious
all night in the shelter
for the 6 months before his arrest
his parole revocation hearing
lingering the 8 years
of his remaining sentence

“let me go, I have let you go. Be a man for once and just leave…”


One response to ““stairs, lobby & then out into the night”

  1. “These hoes aint loyal but who was looking for hoes” great line!

    Ive seen this too often times but in a lot of instances she doesnt tell him to leave. Hes still there being mr wrong for u, mr take ur life. Love covers but it should know when not to fight another night! Powerful message brother!

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