“OrnaMENTAL affections”

Around her collar there are bite marks
his iron clad heart pumps dust
she trembles
holding back the elephant sized sword slashes
laying bridled in her throat
he takes time putting together houses of cards

broken beer bottles
scorched documents
the frightened looks
of unsure bomb threats
between lovers

she surrendered her hidden ecstasy
in his fingers
sunk her lips into the lawn mower blade
of his false promisesorniMENTAL affections
now covered in blood
she awakens
safe alone in her bed
searching for her phone
to call him
words beneath her station
one last time
the alarm halts the marching band firing squad
consorting with her lips
she is reminded that enough time has been wasted
playing house and carriage
with this Texas Chainsaw Massacre
she once held at the neck giving out secrets
a Pirate found where she kept her treasures
she held him by the hand in the dark place
where she keeps secrets
he took everything
now alone,
with her remorseful emptiness
the past two years
8 months
7 days
and 42 minutes
seem like thumbtacked body wash
with a scouring pad loffa
and so much poured out sand.
Be simple sweet princess
you had lost your way
the road ahead will be easier
unfettered by the CROSS you lugged around
unceremoniously laid down with
blame only your naivete
the terrorist playing tricks
in the empty spaces of your imagination and bed sheets
has moved on to another battle
pack up all you can salvage of your wings
and come home.


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