“night lights” or “your smile”

dedicated to my friend and contemporary Miss Dia upon the event of her birth…

God bless your smile
your heart as large as the wind
fragile your sweet soul,
yet fortified with molten wars of contrition
have watched you
spin webs of wisdom
tucked inside that petite frame
beats a lioness

heart troubles, disloyalty, loss
a small thing
to a mountain shaped like
“thank you God, good job”

you are words
plucked from the gutters
a fine china goblet filled with the holy ghost
you are the fantasy
that tugs at a men’s loyalty
“did you see that dress and those shoes”

you are…

an event that must be witnessed
a cure for the sickness that eats away
at your believing
you bring faith to those who have walked
like you, been in the clutches of the “wrong one”
made a bad decision
or thought they couldn’t surviveMissDia

aren’t you regal
isn’t those incantations you scribe, lessons
Hasn’t your son grown quickly and loved,

Yes, and a thousand times more…

dance with me underneath the moon
let the glow from heaven
silhouette you
you are perfect in the sun
but when the night light
crosses your visage
you seem more sculpture
more stone
the night lit conversations
we shared
in the company of scribes and posers
when the only words that mattered
were yours
have forged myself a locket of these memories
sometimes I am alone
and the monsters under my bed are restless
then I remember your light
your glow
your smile
and I am sure everything will work out fine…


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