Mario’s Poetry Challenge or Trash Please…

Yesterday, posted a challenge on FB that all my poet friends write a poem from the perspective of the object directly to the right of them. My object was a single shot of liquor bottle cap.


above me
he burns the midnight oil
gate keeper to his habitual rituals
resting here thinking
between the billows of cigar smoke
maybe this mad man will notice me
shivering& at least throw me
with the rest of the discarded

here useless
a silent witness to his torments
black as the words he thrusts on his keyboard
depressing the keys far too hard
with his melancholy overtures & finger tips

he has taken to shouting again
he would call it rehearsing
to me
it sounds
like screaming rants
from a clearly disturbed mind

my inability to move
to get up
like anything sensible would

the trash
must be more inviting
then his company
yet I lay here
two days now,
staring up at him typing
foolish man
with his animated rustling
I envy his motion
because then I could leave him
like he ought to be…


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