“over broken”

a failure of emotions
suffer me the aggravation
of the fight, slaughter, kill in my reflex
Learning & Growing
feeling remedial
after all these sunrises
but some lessons never get
“learned right”

pliers and snatched out teeth
split open forearm muscles
pouring salt into the gash
a white hot screwdriver
jammed into my stare
all these things
our love is…sometimes

the undignified suffering
of kinship
this shared blood agony


must I punish myself
internalizing your thoughtless vulgarity
your adept abuse
the pummeling
that would make the stoutest boxer punch drunk
I give up…count me out, already…I quit

What do I gain?

Love in short bursts
after miles of torture
you are a mistress of malcontent
a lover of self and the false pride of control
foolish heart
chasing you into locked doors
looking for answers
but I already know the solution
“Over Broken”
short of miracle
you will remain crippled
looking for others to dismember
just to tired to fight anymore
we lose
I lose my pride
you lose what you never had to begin with
and wonder why you are alone
ask me…I know.


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