“Our Love Cosmic”

(inspired by “Cosmic Love” by Luvleeh Poetiklocks of 2 Team ; Charlotte)

Fixed in the sky
our Sun
fire, power, and ionized gases
our orbit a desires
drawing us inside
its magnetism irresistible
illuminating the blackness
surrounding it

Your love is my Sun
my heart the Earth
at the Sun’s beckoning

93 million miles away
from me most nights

??????????a safe distance
yet keeping me warm enough
to survive

The Sun emerged
from an immense cloud
of gas and space dust
that gave rise to thousands of stars

like wounded lovers
have been searching the sky
for stars
with the same aspect

“HD 162826”

has all the properties of the Sun
yet no planets
to acolyte its power
the Sun should be careful
how it treats the gravity of devotion
of the objects locked in its orbit

“HD 162826” is lonely
all is fair in this milky way & love
though Jupiter may be larger
with more satellites
no planet absorbs the Sun’s radiation
like Earth
No planet trusts the Sun
will be exactly
where it ought be
with it’s life sustaining sunrise

“HD 162826”
is only 110 light years away
and by standards universal & those of traumatized hearts
that is not far to find a star
that would appreciate
the adoration of it’s orbits.


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