“From Parker to Claire”

“Mother’s Day poem written on Amtrak for my seat-mate Parker for his mother”

“Thank you”,
for your blood
for fingerprints
vision & guidance
my admiration
beyond the “common room”
of a son’s admiration

“My Mom is Cool”
like open window summer breeze
ice cold whiskey
like acceptance
like stage direction on cue to the correct aperture
parting the curtain
to uninhibited applause…

“My Mom”
is the heroes monologue in a 80’s movie
and the slow clap that follows
the first woman of her kind to rescue me from myself
love me
for myself
on this holy day to pour out praises on the women god gave us
aren’t I lucky to have you

“My Mother”
a friend of uncommon excellence
a precious favour
spilled into my blood
wouldn’t trade you
for two more of you

for you I am grateful to God,
for the accident of birth
that gave
you to me
just thought you should know…


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