“Delores’s child”

the streets are my bedroom
my roof the sky
learned the game of shelter
hide and seek
all day in the library
make the shelter before 8pm
being transparent
bus stops the edges between buildings
know where the bathrooms are public
where the kind hearted shopkeepers shop
where you can sleep
where you shouldn’t

a group of kids called me a bum
threw rocks at me
called me a bum
My name is Gearld
and with weaponized words
a game of hurt the helpless
class action warfare
though the rocks flew wide
they reduced the miracle
of my birth into a mistake
my misfortune into my identity
I am Delores’s Child
at 12 I won a spelling bee
at 19 I graduated took Kenisha to the prom
her gorgeous dress
my palpitating heart
it was magic
Worked, prayed, then after Delores left me
my orphaned child started drinking
my girlfriend left me
my termination
the escort from the building
the eviction from my home
it been months now years
but I never stopped being Gerald
Delores’s only child

“I ain’t no got damn bum”
just trying to survive invisible between the margins
playing hide & seek
with the sky…


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