“Shoma’ri, a bequest”

my name
is not my own
passed down to my eldest child
like a baton

“you run with this boy”

the west african coasts warm shallow shores of this name
the Cassava, Cowpea, the Ankye apple secret in this name
take this heritage
this pride and love
my mother bestowed to me
repeat it
till the middle passage & former field hand
in your blood submits
the Swahili sway accenting the “A”
the djembe drum back beat
of your kingdom
your inheritance
be “kingly and sure”
fix your crown upon your head
learn the accent denotes gender

there is poetry in this…

find you your queen
search deeper than the accent
of your appetite
make sure she speaks your name correctly
with the correct accent
her ability to complete this evaluation
will assist in your appraisal of her worthiness

you are welcome…

deep inside you
say our name
cherish the staccato
short star burst in the “O”
the accent on the “A” does this
they will confuse their conlolizing lips
with our name
putting the emphasis on the wrong syllable

you will be misunderstood

yet you must possess your birthright
repeat it
over and under
again and again
“kingly and sure”
“kingly and sure”
Shoma’ri, Shoma’ri, Shoma’ri…
a name given to boys
who will grow into great warriors
you will grow into a great warrior
I know I gave you MY NAME…


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