“resisting abdication”

a weary hearts beat
a violin
the bow bends
across the strings
the sound is melancholy
the wine tastes like tears
below the surface
he seems confident
this is a pantomime
a puppet show
for his palpitating violin heart solo
lost and lonely
alone in the company of strangers
inside his playground
mind on exodus
the soles of his shoes
plead escape
the complement of suicide entices
between binges the song plays darkness
do not give in
to this cowardice
do not surrender

“this too will pass”

some seasons are frostbite snowballs
“underneath your fragile frame”
there is God
praying for you
to look deep enough to find him

find him
the arctic night sweats & soft violin
are impermanent
the rain on the concrete
will dry
these tears and worry will fade
receive solace like open window breezes
when “out of place & unloved” go untreated
when “going on” seems heavy like a stone noose

march trumpeting
lay down your solemn violin
the sad songs
shouldn’t be the finale
ending the show
before the clowns
jump out the car
go on
keep fighting
believe me
when I tell you
the orbit of the earth
brings sunshine
fire prevailing against the night
though today
might seem insurmountable
the flood waters recede
if you give the tide time to retrieve it…


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