the quiet interrupted the ruckus applause
he noticed the room growing colder
the music turned into a balloon rising toward the sun
his heart slowed
stillness rushed the bandstand
he stood
counting the blinking eyes
of preying cats waiting to devour him
the urge to flee consumed his muscles
the periwinkle turned fuchsia
he stammered over his next words

“I am sorry”

three words
like “I love you”, exactly
just as much about giving in and giving up
he repeated

“I am sorry”

then left the stageempty-stage-and-mic
the “gravity” of this moment took him
acolytes followed
begged him

“what is wrong?”

“are you okay?”

he contorted his body into its self
hid beneath the folds
of his conscious mind & the darkness
ransacking the parade marches

“I just can do this anymore…
can’t keep lying for you fools
these words are false praise
vile mockery
a widows passion
buried with her husband’s cadaver
I want out… “

he thought
but all he said was,

“nothing, I am okay…just give me a minute”

they waited…
for another song
the intermission was only 10 minutes
2 drinks and a handful of pills later
the room was back together
and a little more of our hero died…


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