A letter to all the poets I don’t speak to any more or why I drink so much…

You suck.
Not in a homophobic imaginary phallic kind of way
you suck the life and air out of everything
you are always coming and going
taking time
I should be spending on figuring out god
and what she needs from me with your incessant bullshit
being African isn’t beating a drum
the NAACP is an antiquated dinosaur
that does less good now than it ever did
I wouldn’t be caught dead working for them
and am of the loose opinion they should be burned to the ground
Vel Philips is still alive and you won’t even say her name in public
a hero of the women’s movement and civil rights legend
and poets in my city don’t clamor to meet her
every breath with words
of acknowledgement and appreciation
you should be ashamed of yourself as should I

bartender please less ice next time

I don’t want to argue with you about Jesus
the black church is a sacrilege to his memory
but so is Catholicism
you will not speak out
against either
out of fear or a desire to be liked
I hope you hate me half as much as I don’t think about you
I think about you enough to write this poem in single sitting
Dreadlocks do not make you deep, natural hair is not a political statement
Claudette Colvin is still alive but we don’t book her for speaking engagements
because she is so angry that she was ignored for so long
Bayard Rustin is a NATIONAL HERO and so was A. Philip Randolph
even though I am not an integrationist they worked really hard and faced rifle
and shame more often than any of you cowards including myself

bartender I said a double and this has far too much ice in it

why won’t you edit your got damn poems
if I have to hear you say the same thing four ways
four more times
I am going to rush the stage and spear you with my drink glass
singing before you go into a poem doesn’t make the poem better
it was supposed to set the mood but you sing horribly so stop it
stop repeating yourself
stop repeating yourself
stop repeating yourself
it doesn’t make the line more impactful
it is just annoying
hooks in poems are lazy
write like your life depends on it or stop writing
have at least one person you trust to edit your material
and stop trying to be universally adored
poets should make some people angry or they aren’t doing their job
poems don’t have to rhyme but rhyming is cool
abecedarian poems are useless and I refuse to participate
acrostic poems are generally a waste of time
but I have seen them done well
though I also refuse to participate
static poems that form the shape of oranges
octagons or crescent moons just annoy me
I get it you know how to use Microsoft Word
it was more a talent when we used type writers


when we are out in public
I talk way to loud
I stagger and am prone to cursing
spit sometimes when I talk passionately
so sitting up front at the set is seldom a privilege
when I take the stage

there are many things
I don’t want to talk about with other people
especially not you
you are small minded and pretentious
long entirely too much for the limelight
are self indulgent and narcissistic beyond belief
misspelling words intentionally for effect has its place
eye get it
but eye wish you would stop it
it is hard enough to get the poetry community
at large to take us seriously
writing in dialect is cool, I suppose

I am starting to ramble
I may be drunk.
BARTENDER! BARTENDER! Another shot and then close my tab…

all I ask is for you to eat a giant bag of broken glass shards
and cut off your writing hand
I don’t want you to die in so much
as I wish you would shut the fuck up
hate is not in my vocabulary
but is in my vernacular
and I am prone to say things I don’t mean
I don’t mean to be mean but I mean really
I hate your stupid mouth whole and the things
that spill from it even if it is a poem
that is supposed to save the children

I am pretty sure I am drunk just forget I said anything
and do what you want… I am going home.
Could someone give me a ride?


4 responses to “A letter to all the poets I don’t speak to any more or why I drink so much…

  1. Mario, a poet who takes you into his mind and his story throughout his writing. He never seems to fail at being phenomenal at what he does. And quite frankly, he’s f*cking awesome! No poet will ever be like him. Not even close! I am sure of this.

  2. OMG….this is BY FAR my favorite one!!!! lolrl….Mario……you are my type of fella. Blunt and to the point!!!! LOL!! If I still drank, I would drink after reading this! #kudos

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