“taking a stand”

sometimes I love you is a flat out fucking lie
no two ways about it
there are nuptials exchanged between lovers
for all the wrong reasons
“I do’s” that mean absolutely nothing
to neither the bride nor bridegroom
& the chick that told me she never
“really” had an STD
might be the most ignorant twat
I have ever had the displeasure of conversing with
there are far too many liquor stores in the ghetto
and far too many store front churches as well
urban is a synonym for niggers
Milwaukee has far too many color themed parties
black, white, chocolate, salmon, hot pink, orange
the shit is starting to get silly

this has turned into another fucking list poem
I write far too many of those and I don’t know why…

most people I talk to are fairly ignorant
truthfully I don’t really enjoy the company of others
as much as I pretend to
I drink entirely too much
and curse when I should be praying
if God so loved the world
he gave his only begotten son to save it
for Christ sake
why does the world
seem so tragically worsening and everyone seems
to love less their brother and more their bank account everyday

you can not shop at walmart
and say you are against slavery
the Chinese workers making those Galaxy phones are slaves
it’s like Europe outlawing slavery but still buy cotton from the colonies

nikki menaj’s album cover
depicting Malcom X iconic photo
standing with a rifle in the window
with the words “looking ass nigga”
in bold font beside it
is irrelevant
her ass is humongous,
her music sucks & lil kim is pregnant
this too is irrelevant
but odd considering she has had her face
surgically altered
to resemble a Bull Terrier

Kanye west is a musical genius and a bit of an asshole
you can’t work your whole life to be enormously famous
have a baby by the world’s largest media slut
then cop an attitude about people snapping your picture

marijuana is a far less dangerous a drug than either alcohol or tobacco
capitalist that oppose the decimalization of cannabis
are full of shit
just think of all the industry
that would be created if we legalized weed

my ex wife is a whore
this has absolutely nothing to do with anything
I just wanted to say it aloud

Macklemore is full of shit
if he really feels like Kendrick deserved the Grammy
just give him the got-damn trophy

we live in a state that incarcerates more black men
in my age group then anywhere in the country
black male unemployment here is nearly 50%
and we will re-elect the same cock sucking politicians
this cycle as the last cycle
without holding anyone accountable but expect change
there is no such thing as the lesser of two evils
I wonder what Vel Philips or Father Goppi
would have to say about the sad state of our county
let alone the state of the state we are in

at this point the revolution will probably be televised
since 9-11 they have put up cameras everywhere
would they call me militant or a fool
if I said somewhere in Osama Bin Laden’s heart
he prayed to Allah when the towers fell
that at least four brothers would break out of jail
and give these colonizers and slave masters hell
like revolution
wasn’t anything more than a marketing tool
to sell dashikis
an excuses to build internment camps
for Muslims
whom’s only crime is hating the exact same
colonizers that stole billions
when the markets failed
on purpose
who ship manufacturing jobs
that used to feed poor families in America overseas
then spend their corporate earnings
to industrialize more prisons cells
well to many poets repeat themselves
I said
to many poets repeat themselves
& add the word pomegranate into poems
to seem more poetical
while the whole world goes to hell

I am no longer shocked
by anything
that happens to a black man in Florida
which I will hence forth refer to as
“North Cuba”
because I refuse to accept its legitimacy
as a part of the United States
let Castro deal
with them ignorant racist motherfuckers

I spend way too much time on facebook
my ex-wife is a whore
I may have already mentioned that
but it bares repeating

Samuel L Jackson looks nothing like Lawrence Fishburne
Chippy D, Lawrence Fishburne’s daughter,
that did those porno movies had a really pimply booty
this too is irrelevant

irregardless is not an actual word
but irregardless of that fact
I will continue to use it in conversations

on occasion the clouds whisper to the trees
under the moonlight she is stunning
one of the most beautiful things I have ever witnessed
was the sun rising over the ocean
I don’t know much about string theory
nor do I believe the Genesis story
in the bible
in fact I believe religion
separates humanity more often than it brings them together
but the burning orb of hydrogen fire in the sky
is proof enough for me that there is a god

gay marriage is not really my problem I am not gay

the hilarious shit is the hypocrisy
about homosexuality in the black church
because nearly every black church
I have ever been in
has a flamboyantly gay
choir director
besides the building fund
as a matter of fact
the general misappropriation of money
by the black church
is disgusting,
blatant & if Jesus ever does return
there is gonna be some questions
that are going to HAVE to be answered

there is an incredible amount of porn on the internet
trust me I looked

I am proud that a black female writer
Shonda Rhimes
has been given the opportunity
to write numerous network programs
all with compelling if unrealistic story lines
& Kerry Washintgton is an outstanding actress
but irregardless of your spin on the tale
Olivia Pope is a home wrecking whore

on a personal note
just call me black
not African American
Africa is a continent not a country
the indigenous people
didn’t even call it Africa
they called it Kimit
besides since slavery robbed me
of any real connection
to my historical heritage
let’s just say black and move on

Real Housewives of Hip
House Nigga
Baksetball Slaves
is some truly ignorant shit
that I can’t really judge
because truthfully I have never watched it
but I did see Pumpkin spit in New York’s face
on flavor of love with my grandmother
which kinda makes me a hypocrite or an asshole

you decide

this poem is getting a little long
please support your local artist
we need the money

in closing
my ex wife is a whore
just so we are clear
she moved to Vegas
and you don’t move to Vegas to sell bibles
unless you sell the bible and give the pussy away for free…



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