“you would think?”

his words never seemed enough
she listens to his breathing
the sapphire of his heart music
their love
is a warm jacket, a comfy chair
a warm plate of freshly cooked dinner

“three simple words”
but can’t remember the last time
he said them

but her tire flattened
2 miles out of the city
he traveled to her side
to fix it

when her father fell ill
he washed her work clothes
never talked about
sick or sadness
not once
she needed that
he gave it to her

she often would soothe his nightmares
with forehead kisses
wipe his sweat with the palms of her hands
and hold him
till the fear subsided and he could go back to bed again

means no longer whole
broken, is the past participle
of break
which means
to separate something into pieces
as in, to make a “break” for the door,

they know these words well enough
they have fallen for others
been break then broken

before their entanglement
they were glass shards
shattered smartphone screens
she knows the cowardice of a roaming cock
he knows the selfishness
of taking more than your fair share
and lashing out at the top of his lungs

they found each other in the rubble
lost, shattered and in ruins
put back together the puzzle of their wounds
kept promises like band aids
conversations like sutures
making love like learning how to walk again
then run
soon they were racing toward nuptials

“I do’s”

in due time
tonight they just lay
fixed fitted interlaced patiently
imperfect pieces unbroken
together deep into the night
you would swear destiny was real.



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