“for girls turning circles”

she fancied her Barbies
combed their hair
and Ken always agreed
when the drop top sports car
rode up to Barbies summer cottage
she picked the destination

Ken never argued, 
never drank too much
never crinkled his nose at her suppositions
he politely tucked in his ascot
and went along for the ride.

for all the little girl grown women 
waiting for white horses with Princes 
fairy god mothers
with magic wands 
and chariots that pumpkin at the appointed hour

dry your tears 
wipe your naivety
before you come in the living room
the carpet is filthy 
the curtains stink of broken promises

I know what you were fairy tale on the donkey
we know how the song ended  
how clean the writers closed
every episodes of Family Matters 
but the Winslow’s were never real  
the Cosby Show
was shot on a sound stage 
the “power of love”  
sometimes is just a candle 
lit in the window waiting
romance comes in short breaths
pedestals are for trophies

not lovers

frailty is human 
mistakes are common
and all is fair in love and war
keep fighting
but waiting for Mr. Perfect
may take longer than you expected
kissing frogs will only get you warts
and sometimes it is all your fault

I am sorry Barbie, 
Ken is working overtime this weekend
can’t go to the beach house
he will be late for dinner
and though he loves you deeply
he has a hard time expressing his feelings
maybe you could pour you a glass of wine
and take a nap or watch another episode of “Scandal” 
I am sure that will help… 

or maybe not, who’s to say… 



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